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AARS Winners

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Here are the AARS Winners and the year that they won the award.  This list is only of the varieties that we have markers or labels for.  To get a complete list, contact the All-American Rose Society by going to the Links page and to their website.

                           By Year

Charlotte Armstrong HT AARS 1940
Mirandy HT AARS 1945
Peace HT AARS 1946
Chrysler Imperial  HT AARS 1953
Queen Elizabeth G AARS 1955
Tiffany HT AARS 1955
Golden Showers C AARS 1956
Garden Party HT AARS 1960
King's Ransom HT AARS 1962
Christian Dior HT AARS 1962
Royal Highness HT AARS 1963
Tropicana HT AARS 1963
Granada HT AARS 1964
Miss All-American Beauty HT AARS 1965
Mister Lincoln HT AARS 1965
St. Patrick HT AARS 1966
Bewitched HT AARS 1967
Europeana F AARS 1968
Angel Face F AARS 1969
Gene Boerner F AARS 1969
Pascali HT AARS 1969
First Prize HT AARS 1970
Electron HT AARS 1973
Medallion HT AARS 1973
Perfume Delight HT AARS 1974
Oregold HT AARS 1975
Arizonia G AARS 1975
America C AARS 1976
Rouge Royal HT AARS 1976
Seashell HT AARS 1976
Double Delight  HT AARS 1977
Jeanne Lajoie C Mini AARS 1977
Color Magic HT AARS 1978
Paradise HT AARS 1979
Cherish F AARS 1980
Honor HT AARS 1980
Love G AARS 1980
Bing Crosby HT AARS 1981
White Lightnin' G AARS 1981
Brandy  HT AARS 1982
French Lace F AARS 1982
Mon Chéri HT AARS 1982
Sun Flare F AARS 1983
Sweet Surrender HT AARS 1983
Intrigue F AARS 1984
Olympiad HT AARS 1984
Showbiz F AARS 1985
Touch of Class HT AARS 1986
Voodoo HT AARS 1986
Broadway HT AARS 1986
Bonica Shrub AARS 1987
Sheer Bliss HT AARS 1987
Tournament of Roses G AARS 1989
Carefree Wonder Shrub AARS 1991
Perfect Moment HT AARS 1991
Brigadoon HT AARS 1992
Rio Samba F AARS 1993
Midas Touch HT AARS 1994
Secret HT AARS 1994
Caribbean G AARS 1994
Brass Band F AARS 1995
Carefree Delight Shrub AARS 1996
Livin' Easy F AARS 1996
Scentimental F AARS 1997
Artistry HT AARS 1997
Fame! G AARS 1998
Opening Night HT AARS 1998
Sunset Celebration HT AARS 1998
Fourth of July C AARS 1999
Kaleidoscope Shrub AARS 1999
Betty Boop F AARS 1999
Candelabra G AARS 1999
Crimson Bouquet G AARS 2000
Gemini HT AARS 2000
Knock Out Shrub AARS 2000
Glowing Peace G AARS 2001
Marmalade Skies F AARS 2001
Love & Peace HT AARS 2002
Cherry Parfait G AARS 2003
Eureka F AARS 2003
Hot Coco F AARS 2003
Whisper HT AARS 2003
Day Breaker F AARS 2004
Honey Perfume F AARS 2004
Memorial Day HT AARS 2004
DayDream Shrub AARS 2005
Ellé HT AARS 2005
Lady Elsie May Shrub AARS 2005
About Face G AARS 2005
Julia Child F AARS 2006
Rainbow Sorbet F AARS 2006
Wild Blue Yonder G AARS 2006
Tahitian Sunset HT AARS 2006
Rainbow Knock Out Shrub AARS 2007
Strike It Rich G AARS 2007
Moondance F AARS 2007
Dream Come True G AARS 2008
Mardi Gras F AARS 2008
Carefree Spirit Shrub AARS 2009
Cinco de Mayo F AARS 2009
Pink Promise HT AARS 2009
Easy Does It F AARS 2010


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